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By Anders Nielsen, Ph.d.

In psychological terms, the name for the fear of spiders is arachnophobia. Most people have this fear of spiders that won't make them approach spiders or in any way touch spiders. It's not completely irrational since some spiders are dangerous to humans.

It is also a gender issue since nine out of ten women dislike spiders, while only 1/10 of the male population suffers from arachnophobia.

Topic: Tarantulas
Brazilian Wandering S.

A Natural Part of Human Evolution

Fear of spiders has been a natural part of human evolution. In Africa, people are most scared of large spiders, while South Americans don't fear large spiders.

Topic: Hobo Spider
Black Widow S.

In fact, they eat large spiders. These differences might suggest that the fear of spiders may have a cultural background. Another possibility is some kind of inherited fear of spiders, but this is probably not very realistic according to experts in evolution and psychology.

Psychologists acknowledge three symptoms required to fill the definition of a phobia. First of all, one should experience:

Topic: Venom
Brown Widow Spiders
  • fear
  • sweating and/or increased heart rate
  • flight instinct or immobilization
A spider on a womens hand

before it can be considered a phobia. It is interesting that so many people have these sensations whenever they encounter a spider.

The preferred prey of spiders are insects, and spiders play an important role in crop and garden ecology. People have an interest in spidersthat is not acknowledged. Instead, spiders are killed on the basis of unsound fear and prejudice.

Topic: Worlds Biggest S.
Wolf Spiders

Spiders are one of the most fascinating animals on the planet.

We hope you will consider browsing around these pages and learning more about the exciting world of spiders.

Topic: Spider Bites
Camel Spider

Eating Spiders While Asleep: Myth or Fact

It is a common myth that people from time to time eat spiders while they are sleeping. With seven billion people and even more spiders worldwide, there are indeed some close mouth-spider rendevous’ taking place every day. Even so, the probability of eating a spider during sleep is probably quite low, as spiders will perceive the mouth of a human or another large animal as an unsafe place.

Topic: Spider Videos
Spider Webs

Spiders do a lot of hunting when most people are sleeping. The prey of spiders are insects and, in extremely rare cases, mammals. Spiders tend to prefer small dark crevices in their natural habitat, and a mouth may seem a dark and safe place for any spider.

Spiders and the Human Mouth

People breathe air out of their mouth that is warmer than the outside temperature. This will make most spiders stay away from an open mouth, since this may not seem to be a very safe place.

Topic: Yellow Sac S.
Are spiders insects?

The mouth of humans is very sensitive. Among others, the tongue is very sensitive. If a spider enters your mouth while asleep, you will probably push back the spider with your tongue. However, it’s more probable that the spider won’t enter your mouth at all. Also, humans tend to have a natural reflex of pushing disturbing things away from their head even when they are sleeping.

Topic: Jumping S.
Funnel Web S.

Only a Few Spiders Are Eaten by People While Asleep

The conclusion about whether or not people are eating spiders while asleep is that, in most cases, people do not. The chance of eating a spider while asleep is therefore very low.

In fact, stories about spiders being eaten by people during the night are only made to increase the distance between man and spider.

Topic: Golden Silk S.
Red Back Jumping S.

Sometimes it is needed to keep spiders out of certain places, like kitchens or children’s rooms. The following is an overview of options for keeping spiders away from your house. First of all, spiders mainly enter your house through doors and windows.

Furthermore, doors and windows are excellent places for egg sacs to develop and for spiders to deposit their eggs. As doors and windows are relatively warm and dry, it is a fine place for spiderlings to hatch.

Topic: Bird Spider
Most dangerous S.

To keep spiders away from both doors and windows, it is a good idea to clean around windows and doors using a vacuum cleaner and a cloth.

Glue traps can be very efficient and are neither poisonous nor toxic to humans. You can buy glue traps in sets of 10 or 20 traps on the Internet. They come in many different forms and shapes, and it is difficult to recommend one over another.

The next, but very effective, product is a traditional aerosol based bug insecticide that also works on spiders. The problem with chemicals is that, although they should not be poisonous to humans, they may have some unknown effects. When there are other methods available, chemical means for preventing spiders may not be the optimal choice.

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Yellow Garden S.
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Brown Recluse S.